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24 August 2006 @ 11:15 pm
So, tonight I was all excited to come home to my new computer, all updated and with all the old data...and I find out that the people at the computer store couldn't get the stuff off the old hard drive.

My dad's gonna take it to the guy at his office, but there's not much hope.

Consequently, I didn't even start hooking it up or installing stuff or anything. I just wan't in the mood.


On the bright side, G-chan informed me that Pluto has been stripped of its planetary status. Hooray! XD


I also got my school schedule today. Here it is:

1 Phys ed, Walker (2nd half- Shakespeare, Benzing)
2 Discrete math, Biehl
3 Calc BC, Cote
4 US history, Lober
5 American lit, Clarke
6 French III, Kennedy
7 Chemistry, Heffner

I'm pretty happy with it, except that I don't have any classes with Kit. And it would've been nice to have Basquill again, but oh well.


"Have you considered real estate?"
"Real estate?"
"Have you considered real estate, as a career?"

(benny and mark in pre-broadway RENT, at New York Theater Workshop)
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24 August 2006 @ 11:39 pm
I have, like, no friends. XP

And I also have the same number of people friended as communities...wow...

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