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22 August 2006 @ 11:23 pm
Today...we bought a new computer! Here's the story...

We went to the computer store (my mom and I). We found out from a very helpful tech guy and a very unhelpful salesman that once we buy a new hard drive and paid for the service charges and the data transfer and the new virus protection software we might as just get a whole new computer for a little more money. So we bought a new computer that's basically like our old one, but with more storage and memory, a better CPU, and a better CD/DVD drive (which was also in need of replacement on the old compie), and a different brand. We left it at the store for them to try and transfer the data from the old computer, and then once we take it home I can connect it to our old moniter and install the brand-new virus protection package and microsoft office and everything...

Yeah, apparently the anti-virus software we were using before was pretty bad...

And I'm really not upset to say goodbye to the old computer. It had wayyy too many issues.

And...if I get more issues, all you mac users can say "I told you so."
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