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Ten Tenors

Last night I went to see The Ten Tenors with my family. They were really good! I enjoyed it a lot. They sang everything from opera to Queen to Simon and Garfunkel to disco. XD;

One weird/amusing thing was that I was sitting next to someone who turned out to be pretty much a Ten Tenors groupie. XD;; She was clapping really loud the whole time and screaming and stuff...and then during intermission she was all, "Omg I've been obsessed with them for over a year and I can tell you all their names and birthdays and favorite colors and I saw them last night too!!!1!one" And she wasn't even from around here...yes, she actually came to our humble (lame) state to see something...which she'd already seen a bunch of times before.

So of course, I had to ask her--Are any of them gay? But of course, just my luck--the gay one wasn't there that night and the understudy was filling in. And the groupie person was like "wtf you're a weirdo" XDD; (Although even my mom thought it was a legitimate question, considering that it's a group consisting of ten opera-singing tenor guys.) So today I was bored and went on their website, and I saw pictures of the guy who wasn't there...and sure enough, he was teh ghey X3

Oh, and did I mention they're from Australia? Yay accents :D:D
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