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New Sexy Zone single - Twitter roundup

I was obviously really angry and sad about the news that came out of the Sexy Zone fan event on Tuesday. But at the same time, it was really nice to see so much great discussion about it in that post as well as this one. It's nice to see fandom coming together that way, even if it's over something awful from the management.

But after seeing all the opinions of foreign fans, I was curious to see if Japanese fans were saying similar things, so I did a little searching around Twitter~ I've collected a few of my favorite tweets here, but as a disclaimer, these are only the tweets that happened to catch my attention, for the most part, so I can't claim that it's any indication of what the majority of people are thinking. Further disclaimer: my Japanese is far from perfect, and my knowledge of Twitter slang is even worse, so feel free to let me know if you think I mistook the meaning of anything ^^;

Part 1: #SexyZoneは5人
I saw tons of people tweeting this hashtag, "Sexy Zone is 5 people." If you search it, you'll find lots of tweets that are just the hashtag repeated over and over ♥ But here's some of the stuff people were saying:

If this decision was with the five members' acknowledgement and consent, I really wouldn't say anything. But however you look at it, the members are against it! I'm crying, please properly listen to their opinions!! #Sexy Zone is 5 people

With 3 members, the fans can't be happy even for a new single coming out. I hate Iijima-san's methods. #Sexy Zone is 5 people

It's hard to get across in translation, but the wording of this one is really great. It sounds basically like Tatsuya from Bakaleya is yelling at Iijima:

So Iijima, right now you're seriously making enemies of Sexy Girls across Japan. Do you get it? Your job is to help sell dreams. What the hell are you doing. #Sexy Zone is 5 people

Isn't Sexy Zone 5 people? If SouMari aren't there, it's not Sexy Zone, and if 3 members sing a new song, that's not a Sexy Zone song. #Sexy Zone is 5 people

Relatedly, a lot of fans of other groups were also tweeting in support of 5-member Sexy Zone ♥ faded_lace wrote a little about that here~

Part 2: Calls to action
I saw a lot of people saying they were going to boycott the single, but I didn't see any of the tweets being really widely retweeted or anything. If anyone else saw anything like that, let me know!

I mean, I think Sexy Zone fans should boycott this CD. SouMari fans probably won't buy it either way, but fans of the 3 can't buy it either *distress*

I'm boycotting, but I love Sexy Zone. I just hate the management.

The thing that seems to be getting retweeted more than boycotting was the call to only use Marius and Sou's penlight colors at the summer concert:
EDIT: Between when I started this entry and now, the tweet seems to have become protected, so I can't embed it properly, I'm sorry! But when I last saw it, it had been retweeted over 400 times.

((((Please spread))))
I have a request for people going to the Sexy Zone summer concert. Will you bring your penlight from the spring concert and only use green and yellow?? It's Sexy Zone with SouMari. This won't cause trouble for the management, so I thought it was a pretty good idea and I'm spreading it around.

Part 3: Other interesting tweets
One thing I was glad to see some Japanese fans talking about was how Johnny's shouldn't become like AKB:

Johnny's is Johnny's, so suddenly being told they're going to become AKB is as unreasonable as saying, "Starting today, Japan is becoming isolationist and Western food is banned ☆" And the manly guy next to you, totally unreasonable.

(I love this person's metaphor, but I was totally perplexed by what the 隣の男臭いし part was getting at - can anyone enlighten me?)

Sexy Zone is not the AKB system. Sexy Zone is 5 members.

Another running thread that I enjoyed was people hating on Iijima - I'm glad that sentiment isn't limited to foreign fandom. I already quoted one person, but this one was especially great (and also HUGELY retweeted XD):

If Iijima retires,
◎Sexy Zone will be those 5 members, case closed.
◎Julie-san, who manages Arashi, will be decided as the successor.
◎With Iijima having left, Arashi's activities with SMAP, Kisumai, and Sexy Zone will increase.
> Three birds with one stone <
 ̄^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y ̄

This tweet was also interesting... I've seen a lot of support from NEWS fans, which I really appreciate~ Still, idk how comforting comparisons to NEWS are to me, since they lost half their members before getting to a better place...

I think Sexy Zone's situation right now is a little bit like NEWS in the past (>。<)
But the members who were on the very edge and seen the least 10 years ago are leading the group now (*^^*)
So, I don't want the members or the fans to give up (>.<)

The picture on the right is of something Tego wrote to Marius and Sou in dengonban, which was translated by someone here~

Well, I hope this was interesting to someone XD I was personally really happy to see Japanese fans tweeting some of the same things that I've been thinking about the situation.
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