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Translation: Kouchi and Taiga in Popolo 2013.11

I started this translation a while back, but I got stuck for a while on all the slang they use... but I managed to finish it today, so hopefully it's okay! Apologies for any errors on my part ^^;

In the November issue of Popolo, Yugo and Taiga each talked about a surprising incident with 5 other Juniors. Jesse, Hokuto, Shintaro, Jinguji, Kishi, Myuto, and Nishihata Daigo all make appearances, and I thought some of the stories were pretty amusing, so I hope you enjoy~

Kouchi Yugo

When we went to a haunted house together, because I'm a person who doesn't get scared at all, I was laughing and having fun, but Jesse is a total scardy-cat, so he kept hitting my back. But on top of that, it was summer, and I was sunburned and my back and stuff were bright red. So Jesse was saying, "Gyaa gyaa!" and jumping on my back and holding on to me, and then I was the one saying "Gyaa!" (laugh)

Morimoto Shintaro
At meetings for plays, I wish he would stop sulking (laugh). One time we had a meeting after work, and Shintaro had pretty good ideas. But everyone was tired and didn't have very good reactions, so he got all down. I'm sorry about that, but don't sulk~ (laugh).

Kyomoto Taiga
If you invite him out, if more than 5 people are coming, he won't come! I want to object to that. Isn't that mean, if when work ends a little early and you say, "Let's go get food," he first checks, "How many people are coming?" What kind of hang-up is that (laugh). He says if it's not a small group he doesn't like it. Well, lately since I know that, when it gets to be more than 5 people I give up on inviting Kyomoto.

Nishihata Daigo
I'm told that our faces look so much alike. When I heard it from fans, I thought "Eh~" and recently I've heard it from Juri and stuff too. I don't mind it at all, actually I'm really interested in him. We haven't met yet, so I'm like, what kind of kid is he~ Could his personality also be like me?! Having two faces in Kansai and Tokyo resemble each other is mysterious, huh.

Jinguji Yuta
He's always sticking his head places for no reason! At rehearsal or right before a performance, even though he doesn't really have anything to say he'll start talking to me. Stuff like, "Kouchi-kun, that costume's cool! Obviously, 'cuz you're always awesome." It's really unnecessary (laugh). He's always like that so he's a little annoying (laugh). And I've said that to everyone, and everyone's gotten used to it, but he keeps on doing it~

Current memo: Yugo now
I went to eat soba noodles by myself. It's in the suburbs of Tokyo, but it's the sort of famous place to be mentioned in a guidebook, and the zarusoba [TN: plain buckwheat noodles served with dipping sauce] was the best. It was delicious~

Kyomoto Taiga

Matsumura Hokuto
When he's invited somewhere, why isn't he excited?! Whenever Jesse and I are noisily playing around, he's usually being all cool. Isn't it natural to get excited on thrill rides at an amusement park? I realized! Actually, Hokuto is scared and bad with thrill rides, so he just pretends to be cool (laugh).

Kouchi Yugo
In rehearsal, if you want to check the choreography, it's fine to ask me, but if I make a mistake can't you please stop blowing up (laugh)? Even though I'm the one helping him with the choreography, for some reason he keeps hitting me. Even though I'm not doing anything bad… Recently, he smacked my cheek! But I think it's inside-out affection, and he's kindly looking out for me.

Morimoto Shintaro
"Kyomocchan, aren't you too white?" This summer, every time we met up with the guys he said that. Even though I understood it the first time, he was using my paleness as an excuse to show off how dark he was, definitely! Lately it's been annoying to answer, so I'm thinking about ignoring him (laugh). By the way, even if I sunburn I only turn red, so it's not that I'm especially paying attention to whitening my skin.

Kishi Yuta
I got close with Kishi during our drama, and he's said, "Let's go get food," so when everyone's going to get food together, I invite him along. But his reply is always the same. "Sorry, I have work." When that kind of exchange keeps happening, I start to think I must be really free and get embarrassed… It's stubborn, but I'm going to get him to go soon!

Morita Myuto
I admit we're pretty close, but recently there was something that surprised me! I bought some flip-flops, and he deviously bought the same type, and said Kyomoto-like things… Everyone, I did most of it first~ (laugh). Well, just buying the same things, it's probably because he likes me so it can't be helped (laugh).

Current memo: Taiga now
I was listening to Kobukuro's "Anata e to Tsuzuku Michi" on the train and started to cry. I suddenly felt heartbroken, even though there were lots of people around… it's embarrassing.
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