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Translation: Jesse and Kouchi in Potato 2013.12

I was really excited to see that Jesse and Yugo had a little crosstalk in the back of Potato a couple months ago, so I decided to translate it~ It's short, but I think it really shows how cute and dorky their friendship is ♥

Welcome to the Johnny's Jr. Talk Room

This month's talk is the extraordinary pair from Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou, Jesse and Kouchi! The theme is "comic sense," so it's a talk full of explosive laughter.

Jesse: Ever since we were in Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou, all Kouchi and I have done is screw around. You get the impression that the two of us are aaalways laughing.

Kouchi: Yeah, we really are! Stuff like inside jokes and monomane [TN: impressions, e.g. Jesse's Donald Duck impression], we'd laugh about stupid things.

Jesse: Maybe we don't have much comic sense, huh.

Kouchi: Well, our level is probably pretty low (laugh). But Jesse's airheadedness is pretty funny.

Jesse: Like what?

Kouchi: One time when we were filming near the ocean, a bunch of tonbi [TN: black kite, a type of bird] were flying around. And he found a kitten and was like, "You could be eaten by the tonbi~" trying to help the cat.

Jesse: Hahahaha, yeah. But the tonbi were seriously going for the cat.

Kouchi: Everyone was saying "Tonbi don't eat cats~" and cracking up. Maybe being able to unconsciously say stuff that funny is having comic sense.

Jesse: Oh, really? Thanks. Kouchi was like that when you were about to say a line but for some reason couldn't stop laughing, so to hide it you said, "I sneezed~" (laugh). That was ridiculous!! Also, during a break in filming you were thinking about names for your future kids and writing them in a notebook, right? I laughed at that too.

Kouchi: But I was thinking really seriously about it, you know? In the end, maybe our humor is like that. Not actually trying to be funny, but doing things seriously and somehow being funny.

Jesse: Yeah, maybe.

Kouchi: So basically, it's not making people laugh, but being laughed at?! Hm, oh well.

Jesse: It's fine if everyone smiles ♪

Kouchi: Yeah. I want to keep making more memories of those smiles from now on.

Jesse: Our friendship will keep going from now on, so let's laugh a lot!

Kouchi: And let's be laughed at! (laugh)
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