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Translation: Kisumai fanclub booklet vol. 004

I was happy to get the latest Kisumai fanclub newsletter in the mail recently, and I was even happier to see all 7 members get their own two page spreads in the newsletter! They each talked about something they'd been up to recently as well as answering two questions: are there any senpai or kouhai that you're close with, and tell us everything you ate today XD Since I'm always interested in people (...especially Fujigaya) talking about their feelings on senpai and kouhai, I thought I'd translate that part!

Q: Are there any senpai or kouhai that you're close with?

Outside of work, I've gone to get food with KAT-TUN's Kamenashi-kun. But that's from a long time ago. The person I'd like to try getting closer to is TOKIO's Matsuoka-kun! I've heard he has a manly presence, and it seems like he knows a lot about filming in Kyoto, so I want him to tell me good places to eat in Kyoto. Since right now the filming for "Nobunaga no Chef" is in Kyoto. The kouhai I'm close with is Snow Man's Watanabe Shota. I say we're close, but he's been following me around like he's stuck to me (laugh).

For senpai, probably Kamenashi-kun. We played baseball together, and in the J2000 baseball tournament, Kamenashi-kun nominated me as the catcher. From then on, he's been sweet to me. In terms of kouhai, Snow Man's Iwamoto Hikaru and Watanabe Shota, probably... But I might be the only one who thinks we're close (laugh). Recently, we haven't had much chance to meet, so it's been a little lonely.

If it's senpai, of course it's Tackey (Takizawa Hideaki), right? Even now, we easily go out to eat together. In terms of kouhai, Snow Man's Fukusawa, and Yasui (Kentaro) in the Juniors. Yasui joined the Juniors at about the same age as me, so he's following the same pattern as me. So I can't really leave him alone (laugh). My dream for the future is to become close enough with SMAP's Nakai-san to be able to just say, "Let's go out to eat after this!" and invite him myself! Right now... it takes everything to be able to say, "Thanks for your hard work" (laugh).

Sexy Zone's Matsushima Sou-kun! Because Sou-kun is funny and cute. On the day of the Johnny's undoukai, Sou-kun was staring at me. When I asked, "What is it? Do you want to go clean up together?" unbelievably he answered, "No way!" (laugh). Of course, he followed right after that with, "Just kidding, just kidding! It was a joke!" but I started thinking, What's with this kid, he's funny! and got interested (laugh). Since then, we've started talking whenever we see each other.

For senpai, definitely Tsuka-chan (Tsukada Ryoichi). Tsuka-chan joined 2 or 3 years before me, so he's literally my dai-senpai*. When I joined, A.B.C. was dancing in the front row, so I often got help with choreography and things from him. As for kouhai, Snow Man's Sakuma is the only choice (laugh). We often get fired up with Akiba talk. I think there are definitely other game or anime otaku besides us in Johnny's, right? Please become friends with us? (laugh)

*Translator's note: Dai-senpai refers to someone who's greatly your senior, and is usually used to talk about people like SMAP, Matchy, etc. in Johnny's.

Arashi's Sho-kun! But lately, I haven't seen Sho-kun at all. He must be super busy, I thought, and didn't contact him, but I heard through an acquaintance that he said, "Why hasn't Kento contacted me... He's so distant." When I heard that I called him immediately, but unfortunately he wasn't there. It's been a while, so I want to talk to him unhurriedly again.

For kouhai, probably Sexy Zone's Marius. That guy is cute. Recently, he contacted me and said, "Want to go see JOHNNYS' World together?" I started wanting to tease him and say, sounds like a date... (laugh) I'm really happy that a kouhai has gotten attached to me like that. For a kouhai, contacting senpai is scary, I think. It seems like I get scared especially easily (laugh). But I want to talk to them more and more without being scared.

Please credit me if you quote or repost this anywhere!
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