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Translation: 2012.07 - Yuuki & Makoto

So, after seeing the Bakaleya movie on Saturday, I can say with no exaggeration that it is my new favorite movie. It was seriously so good! I might post more about the movie itself later, but for now, I was inspired by it to try my hand at a magazine translation!

In the July issue of Potato, Yugo and Jesse had a little "special cross talk" section as their characters, where we got to find out a little bit about their backstories! This is my first time posting a translation from a magazine, so I hope I did all right ^^; Yuuki and Makoto's yankee slang certainly didn't make my life any easier, either XD

Yuuki and Makoto's Improvised Bakaleya Spinoff

This is "another story" that Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou's strongest pair, Yuuki and Makoto, told totally off the cuff about their first meeting and their upbringings! There might also be a hidden hint about the last episode...!?

Makoto: Yuuki and I went to different middle schools, right? So Yuuki had to fight with my friends and beat them up. And so when I was already pissed off, we had a one on one fight, and it was really awesome.

Yuuki: Our fighting styles were too similar, so neither of us could end the fight. After that, by chance we went to the same high school, and with the feeling, "You're strong, huh," we got closer.

Makoto: Actually, we planned to become the "top" together, but Tatsuya was also strong and a good guy, so we thought it was fine that way and started hanging out with them.

Yuuki: But still, there was a part of us that thought that if we wanted to defeat Tatsuya, we could.

Makoto: Yeah. But then after we merged with Cattleya, Tatsuya's group got close with girls~

Yuuki: It made them all into show-offs.

Makoto: We're fired up, we don't need shit like girlfriends!

Yuuki: If it gets that way, should we usurp Tatsuya's spot together?

Makoto: That sounds good, right? But anyway, Yuuki, why did you become a delinquent?

Yuuki: Just because I'm half, the delinquent guys had their eyes on me, and I got angry and became a delinquent too (laugh). Then, I started wearing a cap so that my face wouldn't show when I was fighting (laugh).

Makoto: No way! My parents were yankees, so they said stuff I didn't get like, "Show your guts," and taught me how to fight.

Yuuki: Hahaha, awesome parents, huh. Also, I wonder if we can graduate high school...

Makoto: Surprisingly, we can, can't we? So only Shouhei-san will be held back again (laugh).

Yuuki: Definitely. He'll be a second year forever (laugh).
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