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I just watched 3 episodes of Naruto (I'm trying to finish the DVD so I can give it back to Henry), and they were unbelievably slashable!!! xDD

So, Naruto and Sasuke are fighting this guy with a super-special ability that's really hard to beat. Nart passes out, so Sauce has to cover for both of them. Then, the other guy traps Sasuke by attacking Nart, and Sasuke gets hurt protecting him. So Nart wakes up to Sauce being on the brink of death and grabs him in his arms, and they both start freaking out about how they hated each other but Sasuke protected him, before Sasuke passes out. Then Naruto gets really pissed off at the other guy for (supposedly) killing Sasuke, and gets all this energy to start attacking him.

And, somewhere in there, it got all flashback-y with memories of Nart and Sauce. xD

...Well, I didn't do a very good job of describing it. But it was really amusing.
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