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Kimeru singing You Got Game, back when he had black hair :O

Kimeru's 3-minute cooking show. I kid you not. These are amazing XDD I found five episodes uploaded, I don't know if there are more or not.

Seto Kouji cooking omuraisu. That man is so adorable. part 1, part 2

Seto Kouji, Zukki, and Araki play a batsu game, ie. they play janken and bop each other with a hammer. part 1, part 2

Yanagi teaching English. I died laughing the first time I watched this.

Shirota and Yanagi speaking English. They're so cute XD

And a tenimyu oldie-but-goodie: HEY YOU. GET OUT OF HERE.
Tags: d-boys, kimeru is sparkly, seto kouji, shirota yuu, yanagi koutarou
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