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wtf, lj?

This morning I received a suspicious email from lj.


A strange email with links in it? Definitely suspicious in light of all the hacking/spambot issues on lj these days.

I thought maybe there would be some explanation posted by lj, since they're usually pretty good about that when spam-type things happen to the site. (Good about telling users, at least, not necessarily good at fixing the problems...) But the only recent post was the news post, so I resorted to looking for other people complaining in the comments. Which there were, for example here.

People have apparently been having this problem for at least 2 days, and still no announcement explaining things. :/ It's due to a "test of the notification system that went awry," according to the staff member answering the comment, so there's actually nothing to worry about, but it still would have been nice for them to tell us that.

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