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Farewell, NSOP 2009

Orientation is officially over, and classes start tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to the homework, but hopefully my classes will be good...

I invited my group of first-years over for dinner tonight. Five of them came, and it was really nice. ^^ And I've got leftover baked ziti as an added benefit~

And my suitemates are all moved in! Patricia's still somewhat MIA--she moved in her stuff in like 5 minutes and then left for the weekend--but I'm assuming she'll be back tomorrow... She's the one who none of us knew before, so it's too bad we didn't get to know her at all before classes start and everything gets crazy. It's nice to have everyone else back, though, and calligraphe is my new hero for bringing a bread machine!

I finally put some pictures on the wall today, but I'm not quite done yet. I'm waiting on the last few until my Katou Kazuki poster arrives :D After that, I'll take pictures.

And I'm already stressing a little over PJA. *deep breaths*

Also, my mom told me today that my fish died. He was very old--almost 5, I think--but it's still kind of sad that Kitazawa won't be there next time I go home. ;_; He had a good life, even if he was creepy and evil in his younger days.

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