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Today I got stung by a bee on my little toe. In my room. Ow T__T

I had a break between helping clean up after an event and when I had to go meet my orientation group, so I stood around and chatted a while before going back to my room to change with about 20 minutes left until I was supposed to meet up with the rest of the Barnard OLs. (Which, luckily, was about a half an hour before our students were supposed to meet us.) When I got to my room, I noticed that the latch on the window grate appeared to have been fixed while I was out. I climbed up on my bed to take a closer look, and while I was looking at it, with my feet resting on the window sill, I felt a sharp pain in my toe and looked down to see a bee stinging me. I shoved it off and jumped off my bed, yelling some lovely obscenities and generally being in a lot of pain. I went down to heath services to see if they would give me an ice pack, but they were closed and sent me to Columbia health services, which is rather a trek when you have an injured toe and are late to meet your new students. Luckily I ran into one of the orientation coordinators on the way, so I didn't get in trouble for being late, and eventually I managed to get my ice pack and sit in Columbia health services for a while so I could calm down enough to face my OL group.

And I think the meeting with my group went pretty well despite all that... XD;; We'll see how many of them show up to our meeting tomorrow. I remember last year the group I was in decreased by about half by the second day, because people are just like, "This OL thing is lame, I'm just going to go to the things I feel like," or something. But I'm optimistic, because I think I'm a little more helpful than my fail!OL last year... I'm trying, at least.

My toe still hurts like hell though.
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