S (yomimashou) wrote,

Back at school!

I'm all moved in to my new suite! Not completely unpacked yet, but at least I'm moved in. Once that's done, and once my roommates arrive next weekend, I'll take some pictures, or maybe I'll steal onewhomust's photo meme ^^

Moving in was hell yesterday, though. Basically, Barnard screwed up. When I got to the Reslife office to check in, they told me I couldn't move into my suite because it was being painted--some sort of last-minute problem being fixed or something--so I needed to move into a temporary room in Reid, one of the freshmen dorms. So I moved all my stuff into the temp room and then went back to the office to ask if there was a fridge I could put stuff in, since I'd been expecting to be able to use the fridge in the suite. And they said I should go take a look at my suite, and I could probably move in. WTF. I think that Reslife was having communication issues with the people in 600 (my building) or something...so I moved all my stuff again. But the upside was that I got to move into my actual dorm while my mom was still here to help me, and of course it's a lot nicer than the Reid room, especially since I have an amazing window that faces a gap in the buildings, so I can see the Hudson river and get an amazing cool breeze.

So I'm very happy to be here. The suite has a lot of little maintenance issues, but hopefully they'll get fixed soon. It was also not at all clean when I got here, but my mom was amazing and helped me buy cleaning stuff and clean the place enough to be livable, so I can use the bathroom and the kitchen and everything until everyone else gets here. And even more than I'm happy to be in my own apartment, I'm just happy to be back in New York and on campus. It really felt like coming home when I got here yesterday, a lot more strongly than I expected.

And of course, orientation leader training started today. It's going to be a lot of getting up early for the next week, but the good news is my crew was not assigned to help with move-in, so I don't have to get up at like 6 am to do that! Everything else is at a slightly more reasonable hour.

So now, more unpacking and a ton of rp flist to catch up on. And maybe some frozen yogurt to give me energy~
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