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I got back from the beach yesterday, and today I started packing a little bit... I move back to school on Wednesday, so I only have three more days to get everything done. X__x

I would like to hang out with people before I go, though... I was going to go to the mall with my mom on Monday to get some new clothes, but if anyone wants to go with me instead of her that'd be cool with me XD

The good news is, my camera's fixed! For free, too--or at least, for the price of shipping to Massachusetts. XD The day before Otakon, when I went to pack it, all of the sudden it didn't work. The lens wouldn't open properly and it kept saying "lens error." When I took it to the camera store, they said it wasn't worth it to get it fixed and I might as well buy a new camera, but my grandfather said he had a friend I should mail it to who might be able to fix it. And he did! :D I guess it pays off to have a grandfather with photographer connections. XD;
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