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As of September 9, 2010, this journal is (mostly) friends-only. (Fic, translations, and other fanworks will stay unlocked.) Please comment to be added!

I like to know a little about people before friending them, so please introduce yourself and tell me why you'd like to be friends! I'm pretty friendly, so if we have something in common, chances are I'll friend you back~

{A little bit about me}
Name: Sarah
Fandoms: Johnny's Entertainment, *pnish*/Tokyo small theater, Prince of Tennis, Saiyuki, etc.
JE groups: Hey! Say! JUMP (main), Arashi, Kis-My-Ft2, Sexy Zone, Juniors, etc.

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Exchange fic~

Now that reveals are up, I can repost the fic I wrote for je_united! Writing this fic was a challenge, but I'm happy I got the chance to try out something like this~

Title: Sweet Child of Mine
Pairing: Okamoto Keito/Nakajima Yuto
Rating: G
Warnings: Mentions of death of minor characters; OC in the form of a child for the main pair.
Word Count: 2660
Beta: faded_lace
Author's Note: This was written for ryosukekoibito for the je_united exchange! It takes place a couple years from now, in an AU where Yuto and Keito are not in Johnny’s. I made the optimistic assumption that since two wards of Tokyo passed same-sex marriage laws recently, more would follow suit in the next couple years. Thanks to faded_lace for all the help with ideas and the beta, and 9kinds (as well as Keiji Ballerino) for a certain bit of inspiration~
Summary: Keito knew that being a parent wouldn’t be easy.

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YamaChii fic!

Very late fic repost! I was inspired to write YamaChii porn after the JUMP concerts in October, and then I wasn't happy with the way it came out, so I put off editing and reposting for a long time... But maybe it wasn't so bad after all XD So have some feelings-y YamaChii porn ♥

Title: 一緒にいようよ ずっと…
Pairing: Yamada Ryosuke/Chinen Yuri
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Unprotected sex
Word Count: 1,549
Beta: faded_lace
Author's Note: I wrote this for shiritori after seeing the JUMP concerts in Yokohama back in October. Those concerts gave me so many feelings ♥ The title is from Yamada and Keito's song 3/14 no tokei and means something like "let's be together always."

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FQFest fic~

Since it's been six months again since my last real update, maybe I'll manage to update again sometime soon lol. But for now, I just have a fic! This year's je_fqfest challenge was a lot of fun, and you can check out the other fics people wrote here~

Title: Center Stage
Pairing: Yaotome Hikaru/Inoo Kei
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sex in a semi-public place
Word Count: 1933
Beta: faded_lace
Author's Note: This is set during JUMP's current tour. From reports, it sounds like they've been having a great time! Thanks to faded_lace for all the help and encouragement~ Written for the je_fqfest 2015 kink fest!
Summary: Thanks to Hikaru, being on tour is always exciting for Inoo.

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Yuto/Keito Americaverse fic!

Because somehow all I'm capable of writing is Yuto/Keito porn XD Reposting this from shiritori!

Title: Wake up and smell the coffee
Pairing: Nakajima Yuto/Okamoto Keito
Rating: R
Word Count: 893
Beta: faded_lace
Author's Note: This takes place in Americaverse, the AU where the JUMP members all live in New York, and it's a continuation of faded_lace's fic, Lucky, so I'd recommend reading that one first if you haven't!
Summary: Keito wanted to stay right there forever, with Yuto breathing against his side and the smell of breakfast starting to waft through the door...

Previous Americaverse fics: Ready (Hikaru/Inoo), The Start of Something New (Takaki/Yabu), Engaged (Takaki/Yabu), あけまして (Yamada/Chinen), Prism (Yamada/Chinen), Lucky (Yuto/Keito)

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Yabu/Takaki fic!

Happy new year! And sorry for the long absence... my life was sort of turned upside down at the end of November, but here's to hoping that things get better from here. For now, time to repost my fic from hols!

Title: Simple
Pairing: Yabu Kota/Takaki Yuya
Rating/Warnings: G; mentions of real-life scandal photos
Word Count: 2,181
Beta: faded_lace
Author's Note: Written for rikikomori for je_holiday!
Summary: Yabu has the perfect plan to help Takaki.

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Yuto/Keito fic!

I didn't procrastinate and wrote something more than a 300 word drabble for shiritori this time! I somehow wrote 2000 words of porn in two days, I really don't know how I managed it XD;; But I figured I might as well repost it here too~

Title: It was only a kiss
Pairing: Nakajima Yuto/Okamoto Keito
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,007
Beta: faded_lace
Author's Note: This was partially inspired by this beautiful thing that happened at JUMP's concert in Yokohama last month--at least one of these two must have an exhibitionist streak.
Summary: "It's just one kiss, right? Just pretend we're the only ones here."

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Yuto/Keito: boyfriends

Yuto/Keito fic: Stormy Night

je_fqfest reveals are up, so time to repost my fic~ Also, happy belated birthday to Yuto! I think this is an appropriate celebration XD

Title: Stormy Night
Pairing: Nakajima Yuto/Okamoto Keito
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2310
Beta: yararanger
Author's Note: Written for je_fqfest 2014 for xingphonic! I was excited to have a chance to write this pairing, because let's face it, they're really sexy. Thanks so much to yararanger for the beta and to faded_lace for helping me out even though I couldn't tell her what I was writing XD You can also read this at ao3 if you prefer.
Summary: It's not that Keito is really afraid of thunderstorms, but he really doesn't want one messing up his camping trip.

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Two things~

1. All the je_fqfest fics are posted! There's lots of good stuff, so go take a look if you're interested :D Someone wrote me Jinguji/Reia, which made me happy~~ Reveals are on August 12, so there's a few more days to read and comment if you want to!

2. Gamushara Sexy Natsu Matsuri was amazing!! I saw it twice last weekend (Mu/Sha and Sha/Ra), and I can't wait to see it a third time this weekend! The competition aspect of it is pretty nerve-wracking, and it's hard to even know who I'm rooting for when there are guys I love on almost all the teams and they all seem so sad when they lose, but it seems like it's rigged by Johnny's to try to keep things exciting up until the end anyway. Sha's percussion is super fun to watch, though! And the rest of the concert is seriously amazing, Marius and Sou are both so talented and it's so much fun to see a show featuring so many people I like~ I'm currently putting together a playlist of the various Johnny's songs they covered so that I can listen to it XD
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New Sexy Zone single - Twitter roundup

I was obviously really angry and sad about the news that came out of the Sexy Zone fan event on Tuesday. But at the same time, it was really nice to see so much great discussion about it in that post as well as this one. It's nice to see fandom coming together that way, even if it's over something awful from the management.

But after seeing all the opinions of foreign fans, I was curious to see if Japanese fans were saying similar things, so I did a little searching around Twitter~ I've collected a few of my favorite tweets here, but as a disclaimer, these are only the tweets that happened to catch my attention, for the most part, so I can't claim that it's any indication of what the majority of people are thinking. Further disclaimer: my Japanese is far from perfect, and my knowledge of Twitter slang is even worse, so feel free to let me know if you think I mistook the meaning of anything ^^;

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Well, I hope this was interesting to someone XD I was personally really happy to see Japanese fans tweeting some of the same things that I've been thinking about the situation.